Welcome to the strange world of Dangle McWangle who creates weird jewellery for odd people

I am based in Bude, Cornwall and am pleased to offer free postage to the UK and reasonable rates to the rest of the world (see FAQ page)

Have a good look around and if you need help please contact me 

Steampunk Brooches
Steampunk brooches, handmade and unique designs by Dangle Mcwangle www.danglemcwangle.com of Cornwall, Be you an airship pilot or a crackpot inventor, style is everyting, your dapper appearance will be enhanced with an original piece of jewellery. Jules Verne would have chosen a DAngle McWangle original
Steampunk Necklaces
Steampunk necklaces, unique one of a kind designs by Dangle McWangle, jewellery, arts in Cornwall www.danglemcwangle.com
The beauty of a unique, hand crafted piece of jewelley makes you stand out in the crowd, add to your Steam presence and is sure to get admiring looks from people you meet.
Glass Brooch
Glass cabochon brooches by Dangle Mcwangle of Cornwall, handmade jewellery, free uk delivery www.danglemcwangle.com
These cute ans pretty designs make lovely gifts and presents to loved ones. Brooches are a popular fashion accessory and our designs are eye catching and will suit wearers of all ages.
Glass Necklaces
Glass cabochon necklaces made in Cornwall by Dangle McWangle. Handmade arts and crafts jewellery www.danglemcwangle.com
Original designs to suit all types of people, certain to catch the eye with it's paperweight effect a glass cabochon pendant would make a great gift for friends and family
Earrings (silver)
Silver colour earrings by Dangle McWangle of Bude in Cornwall, free UK postage, handmade arts and craft jewellery. Steampunk and fashion www.danglemcwangle.com
Cute, fun and fashionable silver coloured earrings just right for a party, work or a day on the beach. Unusual designs will glean admiring glances from all. You can never have too many pairs and with our low prices and free UK postage why not buy more.
Earrings (bronze)
Earrings in a bronze colour by Dangle McWangle of Bude in Cornwall. Unique arts and crafts jewellery handmade, steampunk designer items www.danglemcwangle.com
So many designs from Hot air balloons to recycling symbols and much in between they are the accessory for all occasions, great as presents too, make someone happy, Christmas, Birthday or a friendship gift, they will love them
Coin Brooches
Brooches made using old British coins, farthings, thrupenny 3d bits and ship half pennies. Arts and crafts by Dangle McWangle from Bude in Cornwall, www.danglemcwangle.com
Ideal gifts for a year of birth or anniversary present. Bring back memories with a genuine coin brooch. Super idea for Mothers and Grandmothers alike, maybe an old Aunt too, every year is special to someone so this could be the accessory for them
Coin Necklaces
Necklaces and pendants made using old British coins, farthings, thrupenny 3d bits and ship half pennies. Arts and crafts by Dangle McWangle from Bude in Cornwall, www.danglemcwangle.com
Wear your year of birth or your wedding year around your neck on an eye catching pendant. A memory item, maybe the birth year of a loved one, give them as sentimental birthday gifts to show you remember and care
Fashion Necklaces
Necklaces and pendants, sea beans, rocking horse, leaves many fashion and fun items in silver and bronze finishes. Handmad in Bude Cornwall by Dangle McWangle. Arts and Crafts jewellery. www.danglemcwangle.com
All sorts for all folks, fun fashion accessories that make thoughtful gifts or personal treats. Bronze and silver finishes to suit your style.
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As well as Steampunk designs in Brooches and Necklaces we also offer jewellery made using coins and glass cabochons and even our general fashion items and earrings are a little odd.

So great ideas for gifts, to add to your cosplay outfit, for parties or just as everyday accessories we have something to suit the weirdness of everyone

© 2018 Created and copyrighted to Dangle McWangle

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